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A Riddle Struck The City Of Madrid

What would you do if you find a whale stranded in the middle of a seawater park far from the ocean?

It’s among the riddles that baffled many residents in Madrid when they found a gigantic sperm whale in the Manzanares River. – September 2018/ The Guardian

The citizens of Madrid woke up on a Friday early morning to discover that a sperm whale at 15-metre in length had succeeded to reach the Manzanares River just before arriving at a sudden stop in the curve of the oldest bridge in the city.

It turned out that this fearless huge mammal of the sea is a realistic model that’s been used by Belgian art collective. This realistic model is used as an eye opener for people, to stop for a while and think about the environment they live in.

The setup, in the Segovia Bridge, comes with a crew of characters attired as the rescue team while they hose down the gigantic mammal at the scene. The model whale remained stranded for three days with the permission of the city council of Madrid.

“It’s intended to make people think, by using art, with regards to kind of metropolis they would like to reside in and exactly what particular part they are able to execute in taking care of environmental surroundings,” it explained in an announcement.

Captain Boomer had been the person on the joined effort. He mentioned the project aims for something a bit more essential:

“A foolish query from the ocean to mankind. It is a riddle right from the depth of the waters … The sperm whale can be described as a huge metaphor pertaining to the dysfunction of our environment. Many people truly feel their relationship with mother nature is troubled. The overall game that links reality and fiction emphasizes this sense of distraction.”

People from all over Madrid seemed to be taking the cetacean attaque as a mark of honor stating that Madrid still has great waters. At the same time, the entire “show” has successfully rekindled that need for men to do something about the growing severity of our environment today.